A day in the life of Dogs Delighted…..


For our very first blog post we thought our clients and other interested parties would like to know a little bit more about an average day in the life of Dogs Delighted.


Each morning we collect our first round of lovely doggie clients from around the local area, for example, this morning we collected from Tadworth, Nork and Epsom. This morning’s gang included a new Spaniel client who has decided to join us for regular walks so that he settles in with us and is well socialised before he comes to board with us over the Christmas period.

Nonsuch park was our first outing of the day where we enjoyed a lovely walk, including a game of fetch, in the woodlands and open common area. It was a hot morning so all dogs were given plenty of water on arrival back to our air conditioned vehicle and then settled in for a trip back to each of their homes.

We spent a little time with our newest client at his home, debriefing his owner on his successful new regular play date and how well he did considering he was a bit of a nervous boy. With his forms completed and his owner ‘delighted’, off we went again, picking up more lovely cockerpoo boarders en route back to Dogs Delighted HQ (AKA Tiffs Home).


At HQ, we picked up Bella and Jazzie, Tiff’s dogs and another boarder and set off again for walk number two, picking up Lorna’s dog Cam on the way up to Banstead Heath for a stunningly beautiful walk, again on heathland and in amongst the woodlands with the aim to keep mostly under the cool canopy of the trees.

We love these walks just as much as the dogs do and often marvel at how lucky we are to be surrounded by such great dog walking countryside in our locality. We were also lucky to bump into another local friend who was out walking with her two beauties – a quick greeting and catch up and we were on our way back to the vehicle again to get back to HQ with our four legged friends.

Back at HQ we had a task on our hands! With all the Summer loveliness, as much as in the Winter, comes some maintenance on returning home! The dreaded grass seeds and burrs that the dogs pick up on their ears and coats needed to be combed out. Then of course the cheeky dogs who like to roll in not-so-nice stuff and those with muddy paws from big puddles along the way needed to be rinsed and dried before we can settle them in. 45 mins later (!!) we manage to get everyone into our cosy home environment and garden to potter and relax. It’s such a pleasure to look around the house to see flopped out, happy, exercised dogs….

A pre arranged staff meeting and conference call to our web designer took place this afternoon for a couple of hours to fine tune our new website (we hope you like it) followed by a visit to the vet with one of our boarders as agreed with their owner for a check up.


Of course we were back in time for dinner for the troops. Each dog has different diets and quantities which are all prepared at the same time before they all tuck in together – some separated from others to eat to ensure food jealousy doesn’t strike!

Soon after dinner we often see them all happily sleep off their tired legs and full tummies on the sofa, in their chosen beds or even stretched out on the garden lawn and we look forward to a lovely evening spent together playing, cuddling and chilling.

Happy delighted dogs all round.

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