7 Top Tips for a Calm Bonfire Night


Isn’t it wonderful to see all the lovely colours of Autumn around us – this is such a lovely time of year. However, with the dark nights drawing in and the run up to Halloween and the 5th of November we need to start preparing for excited trick or treaters in Halloween costumes knocking at our doors, not to mention the loud bangs and flashes created by fireworks, as this may result in a truly terrifying time for our beloved pooches.

Some signs that your dog has a fear of loud noises are:

*Trembling and shaking; *Excessive barking; *Trying to escape; *Clinging to you; *Cowering and hiding; *Soiling the house; *Pacing and panting; *Being sick; *Refusing to eat

So, to help our readers out we have come up with 7 top tips to help minimalise your dogs level of stress:

  1.  Acclimatise your dog with loud noises prior to the big night – CDs can be bought with firework noises which can be played from different spots around your house starting at a low level and then gradually building up the volume in a controlled manner.
  2. You can make a safe den for your dog to retreat to, if and when he or she feels scared, accompanied with an unwashed piece of clothing with your smell on it so your dog can smell you and feel comfortable.IMG_2915
  3. Have the TV or radio on and keep curtains and windows shut when you are not home. This will keep the noises and flashes to a minimum.
  4. Try to behave as normal as possible as your dog will pick up any odd behavior. Keep cheerful, calm and happy and reward your dog for any calm behavior he or she displays.
  5. Check out where your local displays are and ask your neighbours if they are planning anything. Where possible be with your dog during these times.
  6. Make sure your dog has plenty of water – some dogs drink more when they are stressed. Also feed your dog well in advance of any expected events so their stomachs are settled before any stress may set in.
  7. There are many calming remedies for dogs on the market. We recommend plug-in devices or calming collars by Adaptil and Calming Spot On by Beaphar. The latter needs to be applied to the dog a few hours before expected events.

We hope these tips are helpful to you and we wish you and your dogs a very calm yet enjoyable time. Have fun and feel free to contact us for any further advice.

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